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Rough Sea is a small and independen brand for custom made surf and windsurf boards. Our Philosophy is to make boards that are individual and stable enough to deal with the rough habits of both the sea and the surfer.

In our opinion it is irresponsible towards the surfer and the environment to produce unstable boards in order to make them as light as possible.

Instead we want to offer boards that are reliable in precious moments and for a long period of time.  Therefor, we would rather risk a few extra grams to reinforce highly stressed areas. 

As we are small and independent we are able to make absolutely individual boards - every Rough Sea board only exists once in the world.

Thus, due to the individual shape and design, the owner can experience a much deeper relationship to his/her Rough Sea board then it would be possible with any mass product.

Take your board, go out there and rip it!


Your Rough Sea Team, Roland & Sebastien



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