The True Spirit of Shaping:

[ Building Surf Boards ] [ Our first board ] [ Airbrush ]


     Building a Windsurf Board:

In the Vacuum bag: The laminate stays under presure until the resin gets hard - this lowers the amount of resin and  the sandwich becomes very dense and stiff.

Adding the plugs for the Straps

After the Airbrush has been applied, the board is almost done.



     Making Surf Boards:

Gluing in the Stringer.

Cutting the Outline with the Hotwire

After the Outline
has been cut.

After the shape is basicly done, the surface gets smoothed out with the grinding pad.

before and after the rails are shaped

[ Airbrush ]

the laminate before vacuuming

the boards in the vacuum bag:

Even though the surf boards get plane laminates we use the vacuum technic, obtaining boards which are stable and weight about 2.5kg!

the laminate before vacuuming

the fin boxes get glued in with epoxy putty

Drilling the holes for the fin boxes.


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