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Bochum/Germany, 19. Feb. 2003

Finally - with a little delay - we are really ready to go on our big trip which we started to talk about a couple of years ago. Yet we still cannot quite believe it. Nor do we have a precise idea of what it's going to be like.
Actually, the trip is not really planned as a world trip. Well, it is not really planned at all, but the idea is to make it last for several month and to head towards Asia going over land as often and much as possible*. How far we will get will mainly depend on our budget (or maybe we'll find a job on the way), on the people we meet, and probably on our nerves!

Just to give you a clue of what the approximate root is supposed to look like:
First we will go to Munich by train (using the cheap "Wochenendticket"), then move on to Croatia with whatever will take us, and walk along its coastline (using busses and hitchhiking too). From Croatia we will go on to Greece and Turkey. Then make our way to India (probably fly) and Nepal to do voluntaring, over the Himalaya to Tibet, South-China..., then head towards Indonesia... Australia?... South/Middle Amerika??...

But as I said, it all may turn out totally different. Since we don't have the gift to forsee what will happen during our journey we will try to put an up to date report on this page once in a while.

Of course, we'll be always happy about greetings, feedback, etc. via e-mail or just write a few nice lines in the Guestbook :-)

Many Greatings, see you soon,
Roland and Friederike

* flying kills our climate :-(

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