South-West England


South-West England (especially Cornwall and Devon) is well worth a surf trip. If you can bear the cold (the water dosn't go below 10C though) , you gonna have the pleasure of superb, consistent, uncrowded (not true for Newquay) waves during late autumn, winter and spring, very often combined with a breathtaking landscape. Another important advantage of South-West England is, that a lot of different spots catching very different swell directions are within a short range. For example you can make it from Praa Sands (south coast) to Gwithian (north coast) within half an hour of driving. During summertime, the waves are said to become unconsistent and crowded

Close to Old Harry's Rock

Old Harry's Rock

Weird Plant

Praa Sands, South Cornwall. View from parking place

Praa Sands

Gwithian: The paradise for windsurfing, North Cornwall

Thats the view we woke up with in our double bed (VW-) apartment: Endless Lanes at Saunton, North Devon


 Evening Session at Polzeath, North Cornwall






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